Fruits of the Nile is a Ugandan dried fruit company, which was established in 1991. The company buys fruits from more than 100 registered primary producer groups which it has trained in organic farming, hygiene, fruit drying and business management. The primary producers buy fresh fruit from more than 800 approved farmers who have also been trained by Fruits of the Nile.

Southern Uganda has abundant sunshine and rainfall, and fruit like bananas and pineapple grow very well, as do other crops. Many smallholders grow fruit as their main cash crop, but much of the fruit goes to waste, particularly during the months of peak production, because there is insufficient market within a reasonable transport distance. Solar drying is a way for farmers to preserve their fruits, and add value to them. It has minimal environmental impact using renewable energy, retaining waste at the point where it is grown and minimising transport costs by transporting fruit only when it has been dried - and in bulk.

Fruits of the Nile currently produce dried organic Fairtrade pineapples, apple-bananas and bogoya bananas. New products such as dried cape gooseberries and dried strawberries will soon also be available.

Pineapple farmer
Angello and Thomas
Harriet sorting fruits